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Mini- Scuba Diving Tank 0.5L -Snorkeling Diving Set

Mini- Scuba Diving Tank 0.5L -Snorkeling Diving Set

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Product Description:

Introducing the Mini- Scuba Diving Tank, the perfect set for beginner divers. With a 0.5L oxygen cylinder and 3 types of inflation support, stay underwater for 5-12 minutes at a depth of 1-10 meters. Includes a pressure gauge and ergonomic silicone mouthpiece. Easy to use and lightweight, perfect for your next adventure.


  • Material: 6061 aviation aluminum
  • Size 13.93inch*2.56inch
  • Weight 0.67KG/1.47LB
  • Bottle Capacity: 0.5L
  • Breathing Time: 10 minutes(Depends on vital capacity)
  • Working Pressure: 3000psi/200bar/20Mpa
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