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Powerful Catapult Pocket Sling Shot- Random Color Selection

Powerful Catapult Pocket Sling Shot- Random Color Selection

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Product Description:

Stay ready for any situation with this Powerful Catapult Pocket Sling Shot. It features a high-speed slingshot with a strong explosive force, designed to shoot with professional slingshot bullets. Crafted with a top aluminum frame and top thicken natural rubber holster, this slingshot is compact enough to fit into your pockets and perfect for outdoor recreation.



  • Material: Plastic+ rubber or aluminum alloy + rubber
  • Weight: 99 grams.
  • Shoots up to 350 ft per second
  • Short Pocket: 11cm
  • Long Shot: 15cm



When shooting, please pinch the bullet as a whole to increase the stretch area of the holster, thus increasing the service life of the holster. Do not pinch the bullet directly, causing the holster to partially pull up and affect the service life!
Do not aim at people and animals shooting
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