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BOBLOV Body Camera Magnet Mount- Universal Magnetic Strong Suction Back Clip-Police Camera Holder

BOBLOV Body Camera Magnet Mount- Universal Magnetic Strong Suction Back Clip-Police Camera Holder

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Effortlessly attach your body camera with the BOBLOV Body Camera Magnet Mount. With a 6 piece strong magnetic force and a universal design, this mount ensures secure and easy carrying of your camera. Perfect for police officers and professionals, stay hands-free and focused on the job at hand.


  • 【6pcs Strong Magnetic Force:】When the two pieces of suede lining are clamped together, a strong magnetic suction will be generated. Getting ease when using a body camera, not easy to fall, free hands.

  • 【How To Use the Magnetic Suction:】The clip with an adjustable plate is the "Outside" piece. Put the "inside" on the inside of the clothes and the "outside" on the outside of the clothes. The two pieces overlap at the same position and stay securely, and then insert the law enforcement device in the prominent gap. Adjust the angle of the clips to get a good view of police body camera. A slight vibration cannot make it fall.

  • 【Universal Body Camera Clip with High-quality Materials:】Two pics universal clips for all brand body cameras and models, Use high-quality black leather, safe, non-toxic, odorless, the suede sides will not cause damage to clothes. Take good care of the leather, wiping dirt for long use.

  • 【Easy To Carry with Pocket Size: 】The Magnetic Suction Clips has only two leather sheets with magnets, which is very convenient to carry. it and 8x9cm dimension. It can be fixed on clothes at any time or put in pockets. It is suitable for most law enforcement instruments cameras and also suitable for objects with clips, even under heavy conditions still stay magnetic.

  • 【Note:】The 45 degrees adjustable plate of the outside clip is default flat. Press the Screw dot and rotate the plate at the same time to record in a good view. Because the magnetic force is very strong, be careful not to pinch your hands when using it. If the positions of the two clips are opposite, the magnetic force will decrease and easily fall off

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